If you haven’t been to the site in awhile, here’s a list of changes I’ve made since publishing the Season 1 Articles.

  • Fully fleshed out the Support Role in The 4 Investigator Roles
  • Cleaned up and clarified points made in Fixing Dunwich, both parts I and II

On my to-do list:

  • Update Backstab to include TFA and Circle cards (namely Timeworn Brand and .45 Thompson).
  • Write a follow-up article to the ChiLo Ultimatum that addresses FFG’s Taboo List.

And here’s the list of articles from Season 1!

  1. What Forgotten Age Means for Future Campaigns
  2. Fixing Dunwich with a “Return” Patch, pt. I
  3. Backstab: The Combat Rogue Archetype
  4. The ChiLo Ultimatums
  5. All I Want for Christmas 2018
  6. Tips for you First Forgotten Age Playthrough
  7. The 4 Investigator Roles
  8. Fixing Dunwich with a “Return” Patch, pt. II