Decks of the Week Compendium

In November 2018, I started a “Deck of the Week” thread on r/ArkhamHorrorLCG. Deck of the Week is chosen based on quality of description and community response (likes and favorites). The hope is to highlight and encourage quality descriptions and the sharing of innovative ideas. Deckbuilding in any card game is just as much about personal expression as it is understanding the card interactions. The unique perspectives and priorities each player brings to the table generate opportunities for discussion, and that is the aim of the Deck of the Week thread.

To see the threads on the subreddit, simply go to r/ArkhamHorrorLCG and search “dotw”.

This is meant to serve as an excellent source of decks to browse that may be easier to sift through than the dozens of decks without write-ups that are published every week on ArkhamDB. It will continue to be updated each week, so this would be a good page to bookmark and return to when you’re going to try out a new investigator or are looking for deck inspiration.

For posterity, here is the complete list of decks that have been selected for Deck of the Week.

Decks of the Week

Honorable Mentions

Retro DotW

Sometimes there are not great candidates for DotW. In such cases, I will reach back to highlight another deck that was a great candidate but for one reason or another didn’t get Deck of the Week.

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